We were on an expedition to Mt Leuser (Aceh) for Stick Insects and found 2 new species. From Medan we took a 20 seater propeller plane to
Blankejeren where Mt Leuser is; about a 30 minute drive away and a 30 minute trek to the forest. Luckily the strong Gayo people carried our luggage (including suitcases). Mount Sinapong blasted its ashes as we lazed during breakfast at the hotel. The rainbow at Sipisopiso waterfall is a guaranteed sight at about 10am we were told. Do venture to the market in the morning, the Gayo people are on of the friendliest people on Earth and smiles are natural part of themselves.



Sunrise at Berestiga
Minor eruption at Mt Sinapong
Waterfall at Blankejeren
Sipisopiso waterfall
Dam in Aceh
At Blankejeren
new species of Haniella at Mt Leuser
Unidentified snake at Mt Leuser
Angled-head Lizard at Mt Leuser
Market in Blankejeren