Hokkaido during winter can be challenging when temperatures drop below freezing point. Danger from frost-bites on finger exposed for long periods, slippery icy conditions
especially when carrying your long lenses and itchy skins due to insufficient use of moisturer lotions are some of the problems. Do look at protection during shoots.One also
have to contend with tourists that come by the busloads, for you have to jostle for space and owls that do not show up even after paying good money to get a shooting slots.
A good guide in mandatory unless you are familiar with the area and if you are used to driving in icy conditions. The spectacular Stellar Sea eagles are the largest eagles
in the world and shooting these birds on drifted ice is can be a frenzied outing. The Blakiston Fish Owl is edangered and involves lots of patience.

These images were shot in Feb 2017 and areas covered include:-

1. Akan International Crane Center
2. Lake Furen (eagles)
3. Cape Ochiishi (ducks, etc.)
4. Hashirikotan (female deers)
5. Notshuke Penininsula (male deers)
6. Rausu and Shiretoko Peninsula (stellar and white-tailed eagles) - a UNESCO World Heritage site
7. Lake Mashu, Lake Kussharo (Whopper swans)
8.Kayanuma (crane area)
9 . Tsuri (Ottawa bridge and cranes)
10. Yoroushi (Snipe, owl, woodpecker)

Red-crowned crane
Black Kite

White-tailed Sea Eagle

Whopper swan
Stellar Sea Eagle
White-tailed Sea Eagle
Long-tailed Tit
Japanese Spotted Deer
Hokkaido Red Fox
White-tailed S E
Stellar S E
Cranes roosting
Latham Snipe
Harlequin Duck